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With HRcogs, we make Human Resource Systems transparent to employees.

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Job Profiles must derive from goals. With HRcogs, Job Profiles are never approved until they are aligned with organizational goals.

Real time performance management

Real-time performance ensures job productivity is optimized throughout the year.


Ensure organizational equity aligns with employee's job and performance.

Training / Development

When integrated with other HR systems, training can be seen as "need to have" or "nice to have".

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Transparency is the foundation for organization success. Employees must be able to trust the information they are receiving and who is giving it. When HR systems are linked in a way that creates a loop environment; that is when input and output are shared among systems, employees understand the system's purpose and its output. Whether you use spreadsheets, or other applications allow your HR processes, policies, procedures, and activities to show linkage among the systems. If the information the employee is receiving isn't transparent, your systems may be perceived has lacking integrity.

The Job Profile is the DNA of the company

In today's competitive environment, all job profiles must align with the organization's overall strategy and reflect the goals of the employee. The probability of achieving the goal can be linked to the employee’s job profile. When written and managed appropriately, the job profile is one of the most critical tool human resources has control over in achieving organizational success, but most often it is seen as just a recruiting tool and not the driver of all your HR systems.